Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Turning a disliked cupboard into a favorite piece

Remember that cabinet/cupboard (not sure what the correct english term is) from this post? We bought it at some point before moving in together. I am not sure what we were thinking, because I do not think we even liked it back then, and for many years it was one of my "hate" pieces of furniture. 

This is what it looked like before, and to make matters worse, it was wobbly after all that moving around during the years (it was never the best quality and we definitel didnt treat it with a lot of care).

You can see that I had the same decoration at that point to.

So, after years of unsuccessful attempts of incorporating it in our style, I finally decided to paint it. White, of course.

This is what it looked like halfway through. It took three coats plus the primer, but seeing this picture I almost whish I would have given it a more distressed look.

The final result came out like this. So much better than before and it fits in the area next to our kitchen to display all those things that I want to show. It really turned from my least favorite to one of my favorite things in the house. 

It is hard to see in the picture, but I sanded some of the edges. I am just still a little bit to scared to sand down as much as I probably should, but maybe I will give it another go some day. I have definitely seen enough inspiration out there to want to try.

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  1. it's so pretty, the cat looks awfully comfortable!! lol


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