Thursday, March 31, 2011

Small pretty things

I was in Copenhagen for a very short visit last Friday and I found these lovely candle sticks. At first I was about to buy two of them, the way I always do (and the reason to why I have tons of pairs at home), but as the price was really good I decided to go for three. I think they are nice, kind of cute and romantic

And as I am writing this I realize that I should have bought another pair and spray painted them in silver or some other color. Oh well... 

I haven't been blogging very well this week, but I hope to make a come back next week. I never thought it would take so much time, but it does. Also, when I look at many of my favorite blogs, they are written by women that stay at home and I guess that makes it a little bit easier to find the time. It is also very inspiring to see how many of these women have started their own business based on their blogs. 

 One can still see the snow through the window on this picture. How depressing isn't that?

Have a good day!

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