Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Time to get worried?

I am slowly getting stressed about our wedding this summer. I know many couples pick their date a year or even more in advance, but we got engaged on Christmas Eve and will be married in July, so there is not so much time.

I do not really worry about the time, but I realize that I will have to be more disciplined than I have so far. We have not even sent the invitations yet (we did send save-the-dates though) and it's really about time. This freaks me out because I seem to have completely run out of inspiration.

At least I managed to cross one point from the list this weekend as I found the most amazing, purple, fabric for the bridesmaidens dresses. Unfortunately, my iPhone did not capture the color very well at all, because it is much nicer in reality.

There will be four brides maiden and the will have purple dresses and white shawls and a white ribbon under the chest. I am hoping it will be just as nice as I picture it.

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  1. The dress colour is beautiful! My husband and I had a garden wedding, too (but at my grandparents' house, not our own), in summer. AND we planned it in less than six months, like you! It was alot of work, but I'm happy we did it, because the memories and photographs of getting married at our family's home are priceless. Good luck to you! :)


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