Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spring on the table

I found this beautiful little jug in the thrift store and couldnt pass on it. I think it looks so nice with some tulips and it will be even nicer with some handpicked summer flowers. 

The table was originally dressed in a cloth that had more spring feeling, but as one of our cats always prefers the water in a vase or a jug before that in her bowl, she knocked it over and wet everything. It is not the first time it happens and I have to suit myself for not moving the tulips to the sink for the night.

The handle is really cute, isnt it?

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  1. Beautiful....I own a few jugs myself that are multi purpose, like you I use them also for flowers, and even have wrapped up silverware in pretty napkins for a large dinner and used the jug to hold the wrapped groupings of silverware.....and don't tulips just look amazing in everything? One of my favorite flowers...

  2. I have been enjoying seeing flowers in jugs, I think I may have to get one for myself, your tulips look great!


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