Thursday, March 24, 2011

In preparation for summer

I love gardening. I never really thought I would, but since we bought the house my interest has became bigger and bigger. My dream would be to have a house with an old garden where I could discover plants from previous owners, but sadly enough our garden is nothing of the kind. As our house is barely ten years old, the garden is very new and the previous owners probably didnt have the time for gardening (and who could blame them with a house to build and kids to take care of?)

The first year in the house we bought tons of seed to plant and we had plans to  grow so much. In the end we sowed way to many and it took a lot of effort when it was time to plant them. It was also a very rainy summer and most died before June was over.

Last year we only sowed a few things, but this year I am hoping to get it right. I know the critical thing is to give them fertilizers and also to make sure the plot is well prepared.

I opted for many flowers because of the wedding, but it seems quite complicated and I am not sure how many I should sow. I uess that if it fails I will just buy the plants instead.

The cute labels are made of some left over carton and I hope they will stand some moist.

I keep my fingers crossed that I will soon have a window full of green plants!

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