Thursday, February 24, 2011

Living decoration

I have a cabinet/cupboard that have became one of my favorite furniture pieces since I painted it. I love the open shelves and the fact that I can display my favorite things without having them on my counter tops.

But the other day, it kind of re-decorated it self.

Maybe we should try another color? It might look better?

There really is nothing like a cat when it comes to home decor. In double meaning.

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  1. That is adorable...looks like he has made it his own. Very sweet! Thanks so very much for your kind words on my blog this morning..means a lot and so glad you are enjoying it. I do enjoy all the cottage/everything white/pretty flowers/fabric blowing in the wind/lavendar on the bed...kind of blogs but agree they are out there in the masses and though I have an immense appreciation for their simplistic beauty its not my personal style so I just writing and blogging and ranting and raving about all the things I love! Glad you agree:)


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