Friday, March 18, 2011

Day off

Friday is kind of my day off. I usually work longer hours on Monday - Thursday and then enoy this day off. 

It felt good to start the day with a relaxed breakfast, but can you believe it is snowing again!? I thought spring would finally arrive, but I was wrong. Very wrong, even.

Todays pictures are some eucalyptus twigs that was part of a bouquet I got for my birthday. I dried them and I love the color of them. They recently found a new home that I will show you in a couple of days when I have managed to get new pictures, but I love these pics because the color is really right.

Today I am off thrift store hunting again. I am still collecting vintage cups and other things for our wedding, and I have a long list of other things that I also need to pick up (including grocery shopping, which really isnt my favorite).

Maybe I will even be able to find some nice piece of furniture to paint. It's been quite a while since I painted something, but I seem to have gotten a lot of inspiration lately.

The "after pictures" from the "church" will be up next week.

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