Friday, March 4, 2011

A small project

I did finally make some use of my sewing machine. Not the most complicated thing for sure, but at least it is a start and I like to tell myself that I will soon be stitching away and creating wonderful summer dresses.

But for now, I have only made a small pillow case for our cat Walter. He likes to lie in front of the closed-in fireplace and the old case was getting quite dirty so when I found this fabric I decided to make him a new one.

It's cute, isn't it?

But he looks so cold! We once bought him one of those pullovers that are made for dogs (my brother has a dog who acctually likes them), but Walter became totally frozen when we put it on him. It was as if his hind legs had been glued to the ground and he refused to move, so we took it off. I just feel sorry for him because he seems to be constantly freezing and probably he would have been better off in a warmer country (and I would too, so one day we might just escape together ;-) ).

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  1. Hi and thanks for stopping by...looks like you made someone very happy (and comfortable)
    To answer your question about the marble...the only experience I have had first hand is in my old house and after 8 years it looked fantastic and we loved it as much as we did the day it got put further underscore the point Europe where you see it everywhere, hotels, apartments, nearly all restaurants, not only does it get major use but its been there so long and to me ,there is something truly timeless about it. Of course like anything you just have to be sure you maintain it by sealing it once a year, etc......hope you have a wonderful Friday, and thanks for stopping in!


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