Thursday, March 3, 2011

Old friends

Yesterday I spent some time with long lost friends - my akvarell colors.

I have always enjoyed painting, but I rarely have the patience for it. It's acctually quite sad, because I do enjoy it once I get started, but it seems my starting barrier is so high I almost never get over it. Unfortunately, it's like that with many things - I have never been good at patience and I often kind of give up right away because I can't be bothered. It's a shame.

But who knows? Maybe that will change. At least I really enjoyed my time yesterday and it is so much easier to take it out that I imagine. Seriously, it's less than one minute to get started.

My colors arent fance ones. They are something that I got as a gift many years ago, but I think they work quite well. I once attended a workshop (where I painted a geranium that I was quite satisfied with) and the leader told us to buy only a few colors and mix the rest. That made a lot of difference to me, because the colors above makes it possible to mix almost any color I want.

Some day I might even buy "real" ones, but for now I am happy with these.

Before she lost most of her sight, my grandmother used to paint china with wonderful flowers. I still have a few of her pieces and they are just amazing.

As a child, I spent many afternoons on her porch, watching her paint and often beeing allowed to paint myself on a spare tile or some other piece that she had lying around. 

I inherited all of her material and some day I hope to be able to start again. I just need to practice first, because those colors are too expensive to just mess around with.

So for now, I am happy just playing with my water colors.

Sorry for the bad images, they were taken with the phone.

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