Thursday, March 10, 2011

Summer projects

The snow is still deep outside, but as spring approaches I began to dream (and have nightmares) about all the projects I want to do this summer. As we are getting married in our garden, I really want the outside to look stunning.

These pictures are acctually two years ago. On that first summer in the house (we moved in on June 1st) I quite quickly decided to paint the rail on the deck white. It was a big project (much bigger than I thought when I started)  and I spent many hot hours outside painting, and re-painting it. There are so many parts that I didnt think about at first and as the weather had to be perfect - not too warm and no rain - it took quite a long time before it was finished.

Luckily, the finished result was so worth it. The white rail makes the whole deck look connected to the house, and not like an add-on (which I think it did before).

Funny how these before-pictures alreade seems very old even though it's not even three years ago.

Last summer we also put up glass doors and created a sunroom, but I will show that in a separate post.

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  1. Wow what a breathtaking setting..and you are getting married there? How exciting and hope to see and hear more about it in the future!


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