Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Beautiful colors of winter

I am no fan of the winter season, but I have to admit that it is indeed very beautiful. This amazing sunset greeted me when I got home from work. Look at all those colors!

It's like it's on fire!

I love living in the country side because I never seem to notice these kind of things when Im in the city.

Skies like these makes me whish I was a painter. Imagine beeing able to capture all those vivid colors.

But, apart from the beauty, I really long for some summer skies now. We had some this weekend, those kind of skies that if one look at them and ignore the ground, one can imagine that it is summer and one is coming home from a long day at the beach. 

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  1. These pictures are just beautiful They look like a pretty painting. Love the colors.


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