Thursday, March 31, 2011

The first lunch outside

It has been snowing again today, but last weekend spring was here for a short visit. 

We celebrated by eating our lunch out in the sun room, and the cats joined us as well. I think I need to update my description so that it says that this is a blog about DIY and cats, because it seems to have turned into that.

 Even left overs taste good outside.

The sun room is not isolated, so it cant be used in the winter, but once it gets a bit warmer and the sun starts to shine it is just brilliant. Building/installing it is probably the best thing we have done to the house. This spot used to be very windy before, and even on warm summer nights it was chilly to sit there.

I will show the pictures from when we built it in a later post.


  1. So glad you visited! Even just a little bit of sun makes such a difference in how you feel! It comes out here for a few days on and off but it's been rainy and cold again! Can't wait for REAL spring! Your sunroom looks wonderful! What a great place to spend time! How fun it would be to have dinner under the stars! I looked at the before photos of your house, it's adorable,love that it's red! Can't wait to see what you do with it!


  2. congrats on your first meal out in the sun room, a delightful way to celebrate changing seaons


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