Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The best place in Rome

I apologize in advance that todays post has nothing to do with interiour design what so ever.

This stair leads to my favourite place in Rome. Located in the centre of Rome, close to some ruins, it is not a restaurant or a shop, but a cat sanctuary.

It was started 18 years ago by two women who wanted to give the cats not only food but also medical treatment and streilization.

They get no support from the government, and in fact they are squatters, meaning that they have no official right to their premises. Still, they save hundreds and strelize thousands of cats every year. They have a "no-kill-policy" which means that they will not put a cat down if that cat has the chance of a good life, thus saving also cats that are disabled.

Since I got to know this place, the people working here has been one of my greatest inspirations. I think the work they are doing is nothing short of amazing.

Three years ago I adopted a blind cat from here. He died only two months ago and I am still grieving for the loss, because he meant the world to me. (He is the white cat that can be seen in some of my pictures.)

Going back there now was a roller-coaster of emotions, happiness to meet the people who I had recently only communicated through mails, sadness of all the cruelty in the world and the unfairness of diseases (whether they hurt humans or animals), loss because last time I was there I picked up my beloved cat and joy because there were so many amazing cats there.

If you ever go to Rome, and if you like cats, I truly recommend a visit here. It is an amazing place.

On a more personal note, I hope to be able to take this cat home someday in the future. He is half blind and very shy so he does not lead a very good life in the shelter, but shy cats often has a hard time getting adopted.

This little cat was so cute. He really, really wanted to be cuddled and even climbed up another visitors leg in order to be able to cuddle in the arms of that person. Unfortunately, he has a constant cold and can not travel very far so he will need to have a home in Rome.

This cat is 17 years and really looked old, but he was so unbelievably cute. He was in a cage because he was on a diet and he was sitting there crying out because he too wanted to be on the floor with all the visitors. I felt so sorry for him and I petted him for a long time. I know he does not have a long time left, and it breaks my heart. 

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