Saturday, April 2, 2011

My grandmothers collection

My grandmother is 93 years old and she been living on her own for several years, but last month she has become ill. She has always been a strong (in a positive way!) person and it is hard to see her sick.

When she was younger, before she lost much of her sight she used to paint on porcelain. We have many pieces - plates, wases and lampstands. All very beautiful and often decorated with flowers or fruits.

The one below is one of my favorites with all the summer flowers.

As a child I used to see her sit on the porch and paint and sometimes I would join. I would paint on tiles and she always had a lot of patience with me and my ideas (like the time when I should paint my favorite fruit and decided that I should paint a passion fruit - my grandfather just looked at the brown-grey-round on the plate and shook his head). 

Over the time I have became better at painting and I hope that some day I will have enough time and patience to sit down and paint on porcelain again. I really love to paint, but I rarely take the time for it.

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