Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My garden

Do you remember my plants?

They have grown a lot over the last weeks. I think some might even have grown to much because they already have flowers and I do not think they should have before they are planted outside.

I moved them to our sun room on Sunday, but this morning Darling sent me a picture of our garden covered in snow so now I am very worried that these plants will not make it. I am so proud that they have become so big   because previous years we have been to late and our plants have been nowhere near this size, so I would hate for them to die now.

Below is our garden this morning. Not the sight you want to see at this time of year (or ever, actually).

I got this handy little serving trolley from my grandmothers belongings and it fit perfectly in the sun room. I will not leave the plants there for too long because I am afraid that the moist might damage the paint, but I think it is ok for a while.

We have also been sowing and planting outside. Here is our plot of vegetables. I made those little signs because we always forget what we planted, and I will show you how tomorrow.

The radishes are the only one that has came up. And as usual, they are way to close to each other so I will have to remove some of them. I never seem to learn to space the seed out evenly.

I have also planted some herbs. The little "box" is supposed to make the soil warmer and give bigger plants, but I am not sure if it works. I think it is nice though.

Rosemary, chives and rhubarb, and I have sown basil, parsley and oregano. Can't wait until it has all grown bigger (unless it just died from the snow... sigh)

While I was writing this post, I saw that Centsational Girl had posted a recipe of Raspberry Rhubarb crumple that had my mouth water. I really, really long for those summer days when I can go outside and pick rhubarb, raspberries and maybe even strawberries and make a fresh crumble. 

Have you sown or planted anything this year? 


  1. thats fantastic!!! I love to see the buds start to bloom. it means SUMMER!
    I did not plant one thing this year mostly cause my father in law (Mr. Green thumb) plants a ton and I mean a ton of stuff. It makes more sense to have him just grow it and give it to us lol

  2. Its great that your plants have grown so much. Well done! Sorry to hear about the weather but fingers crossed they will be ok. Thanks for stopping by Beach Cottage Good Life Wednesdays.


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