Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The red deck by the lake

We are lucky to live really close to the lake, it is maybe 50 meters from the house. Down by the lake we have a deck where we are able to enjoy the last sunshine in the evenings, before the sun sets behind the forest. 

Last week we ended most days down there with a cold drink and some snacks before dinner. I love to sit and just relax, and especially now when there are not yet any bugs around.

I bought these chairs and table at a local store last year. They were untreated and unpainted, and I got them for only 40€ for the whole set. Quite amazing, I think. 

I did not look forward to pain them, so in the end I decided to use a paintbrush. I will share the whole story of that at some other time, but let's just say that they turned out alright in the end, even if I might have been just as white as the chairs.

This weekend we began painting the deck itself. The upper side will be oiled with a tinted oil to make the wood look darker, the sides will be red and the "wall" will be white. 

I really wasn't sure about painting it red (I'm still not totally convinced it was a good idea), because I always prefer white, but red just tied it together with the house in a better way.

 It's not very often that I and Darling are working on the same thing, so it was really nice to be doing a shared project for once.

I was pretty upset by the white color, because I have previously used another shade but it would only come in 10L and I felt that was way to much. They said that this one would be very similar, just a little bit lighter, and since I am not using it as the same place as the old one that was not a problem. Unfortunately, when I began to paint, I realized that the new one does not cover as good as the old one did. While the other one looked good after only one coat, this new one will need two or even three coats. 

I think I will go back and talk to them, but I do not suppose they will let me change it since I have already used some of it.

Next project for the deck is to add a proper railing to it, and to repaint the white part of course. I am not sure if the steps should remain white or if they should be red - any thoughts? 


  1. oh I love it!! With a few dark blue and striped accessories?? so so cute!!

  2. It looks fantastic - how lucky you are to live by a lake!

    Pomona x

  3. Tana - Yes, definitely. The plan is to paint some grey stars on the chairs and then use white, red, grey and blue accessories... I really would have liked to paint it all grey or white, but I figured it was better if it matched the house.

  4. Pomona - Thank you. Yes, we are very lucky, we found a house that matched all our most important criterias.

  5. Mmm,...that deck looks great and I love the changes you are making with the paint. I think I would paint the steps red, but I doubt that you could go wrong with either colour. Can't wait to see it all finished.

  6. Your deck looks great! I think I would spend as much time out there as possible :)

  7. Lucky Girl to live on a lake! The deck is turning out wonderfully. If the floor of the deck is white, I think I kind of like the steps white so it looks like they flow down from the floor, but they will look good either color. Love your color scheme, the stars will be so cute on the chairs!

  8. First, how lucky are you to live on a lake? That must be amazing to start everyday looking at the water and to end everyday sitting on that deck would be what I call "living life well!" Love the transformation you are making.

  9. Wow, what a beautiful space. Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog.


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