Monday, May 23, 2011

The gray chair

Four years ago we lived in Stockholm and there was a balcony in the stairwell. On that balcony was this chair and our oldest cat Dexter loved to run down to that balcony and jump up on to the chair. 

We were the only ones using the balcony and when we moved, we took the chair with us because we thought our cat would like to have it at the new place.

Needless to say, Dexter never even looked at it again and after a month on our terrasse I put it in a corner of the garden.

I think it is beautiful in it's gray, wheathered shade. And I love looking across the lawn and see that peaceful place where I could sit down and just smell the flowers (even if I never do sit down). 

I have planted some lavender and I was hoping for some poppies, but so far only the tulips spread their beauty. My dream would be for a whole plot of blueish lavender next to one with red poppies. 

Isnt it amazing how old things sometimes is so much more beautiful than new ones? What are you favorite old thing (that you haven't painted)? 

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  1. I wouldnt touch it either! Love the tulips.. I just planted poppies and they burst last night.. Soon!


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