Thursday, May 5, 2011

Spring flowers

I have been home today, due to a doctors appointment, and I have been able to work in the garden. I found some bushes for only 2€ (3$) each, which is a lot less then the usual price, at Lidl (a low cost store) and planted them along with some plants my mother gave me.

I guess some people could think of nothing worse than a day working in the garden, getting dirty and tired, but I really love it. I love to be doing something physical (as opposed to my work in front of a pc) and I love to plan how to plant things (not so different from interior design) and see how it grows!

Is there anything better than the spring flowers? Every time when I get back to the house (I am often away in the weeks) I go out in the garden and look at all the buds out there. Everything is growing so fast now!

It seems like almost all flowers survived the sudden cold that we had. There are some flowers from last year that still havent shown any sign of life, and I am worried that these might not have made it through the winter. I hope they are just slow to wake up, but the winter was very long and very cold so I will not be suprised - only sad - if it turns out that they died.

I do not know the name of these white flowers in english. Someone said that they are called anemones? Is that right? They are my favorite spring flower and I just love it when the whole forest is full of them.

I remember one year when we lived in town. I had not been able to go out and get any of the flowers, and so when Darling was driving from a meeting in another city he stopped the car in the forest  and picked a bunch for me. So cute!

 I got these blue ones from my best friends mother. They are known to spread all over the garden and so I planted them quite far from the house. I think maybe even too far, because I hardly see them now, but hopefully they will indeed spread. I would love to find the garden covered in blue and white each spring!

This one I bought at IKEA two weeks ago. It is planted in one of my pots in the sun room. I will show you the whole thing in anoter post. 

A newly bought and planted Hosta. Unfortunately, the picture is a week old and today it looks a bit like frozen sallad. I am not sure it's going to make it, but I keep my fingers crossed.

I love this little corner of the garden, but Darling wants to built a garage there (it is the only possible place) so I am going to have to move the plants somewhere else.

I am intrigued by the pricing of these flowers (pensees, violets). One and half month ago, they were sold very cheap, and now they have suddenly became more expensive. I do not understand why, because it seems more logical the other way around, doesn't it? Either way, I was happy to find a deal with 24 plants for a good price and now they are planted in the garden. Hopefully they will last all through summer, adding bits of color everywhere.

Do you also like gardening? Do you agree with me that it is a bit similar to interior design?


  1. I wish I had a green thumb. I would love to have one so I too would have pretty gardens. I kill everything, and fast!

  2. Everything looks gorgeous. It's still too early for anything but daffodils here (not that I'm not enjoying the daffodils, lol).

  3. I love the daffodils.. can't have a one because of voles and moles. Nasty little things. Everything is so pretty. I love the red deck.. Nice!

  4. The flowers look lovely - my garden is a bit windblown today, so the flowers are suffering!

    Pomona x


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