Sunday, May 15, 2011

Man and woman cave

So Blogger has behaved strangely all weekend, and I did not post because it seemed very unstable. My post from friday disappeared completely, so here it is again.

I have seen many blogs calling the garage or a similar place for the "man cave", but I have to admit that in this house we are both as bad when it comes to collecting things and storing them in a not-so-organized order. This is our "man and woman cave" - and as you can see it is quite a mess.

I wanted to post this on Friday in hopes that it would make us take care of it this weekend, but that did not really happen (maybe I can blame Blogger for this?). We did start though, and we got one full load to the dump/recycle center and yesterday also loaded the trailer with lots of things that were going to Darlings company. It is an open trailer, but the weather looked fine to we took the risk of leaving it for the night.

That was a bad idea, because at 3AM I woke up and heard the rain pour down outside. There was nothing but to head out in the rain and try to cover the poor furniture with whatever plastic we could find. Luckily they managed quite well after all, but getting up and out at that time is really terrible. Darling called it "Ryan-air-time" referring to a low cost airline that often flies on strange hours so that one have to leave for the airport in the middle of the night.

Anyways. These are the before pictures, but there are not yet any after pictures. I hope I will have some soon, but it might still take weeks. We'll see.

I hope you did funnier things this weekend!


  1. Can't wait to see the 'after' pics!

  2. Whew girl you have got your work cut out.. my husband has a shed that I often wonder who in the world would clean it out if something happens to him.. it is awful. I think he just throws stuff in the building. Anyway can't wait to see what you do. thanks for stopping in to see the laundry room. I am following you to see your results..have fun!

  3. I agree I am so looking forward to seeing pictures of the finished project!


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