Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Our beach portal

This post is a bit overdue, as you can see on the lack of green grass on the pictures, but it shouldn't matter.

From our house, there is a small footpath down to the lake. It's not very far at all, but I got the idea of building a portal there. I picture it covered in roses and I hope to paint the name of the house on it some day.

It wasn't a very difficult building project.

You will see that "the legs" are a bit thicker than the overlay, but I basically used what we already had and I paid more attention to the look of it than how much it can support, because it is not supposed to support anything heavy.

We laid it out on the ground and sawed the overlaying ones diagonally.

I think we are both kind of dislike to measure things, because there have been quite a few occasions where we've had to re-do everything because we didn't measure or think correctly. (That would definitely be even more true for projects that I'm doing on my own. I am not much for measuring, whether it's a wooden piece or a cup of flour).

I have no idea what these are called in English (ground anchor maybe?), but it has a long metal spike that we drove into the earth. (And, to be honest, then wiggled up again, put down a bit to the left, wiggled up and put it down before we were satisfied.)

This is what it looked like unpainted. As you can see, the light post is right behind it and it didn't look good, so that's why we moved it.

Moved and painted, and some roses planted on either side. I hope they will grow really quick. They are supposed to give big red, velvety roses and I can't wait to see it.

We hope to add a kind of fence to it in the future, but that project went so badly that we abandoned it half-ways. We will give it a new shot, eventually.

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  1. It turned out nice :-) What an incredible view you have!

  2. Oh that view is just so gorgeous. The project looks great, I hope the roses will grow quickly, they sound wonderful. Enjoying your blog. :)

  3. Great view. Your hard work paid off, it turned out well. Thanks for adding your link at Beach Cottage Good Life Wednesdays.

  4. The portal is such a poetic and whimsical touch!

  5. That looks great! I think I fence will look really nice too, whenever you feel like tackling that again.

    And I think "ground anchor" is a good term for it. I don't know exactly what we call those, but I knew what you meant. Honestly I had no idea what a "portal" was, I see now it seems to be something like an arbor, but Beach Portal sounds so much better, so I'm sticking with your term!

  6. Hahaha! Cait, that is hilarious.

    No, "portal" definitely doesnt seem to be the right word. I just assumed it would be, but when I look it up it says "an grand and imposing entrance (often extended metaphorically)". I do not think this one is all that grand and imposing, really. :-)

    Thanks for letting me know! I used to think I was so good at English, but then I started bloggin about DIY/interiour stuff and there are tons of words I have no clue about. I am grateful that you correct me, really!


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