Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A coastal inspired mirror

This isn't a new project, because we made it back when we redid our hall, but I think it merits an own post.

A couple of years ago we rented an apartment that we never moved into (because we found the house before we had moved). The former tenant left no less that three mirrored walls after asking us if we wanted them. When we never moved in, it looked bad for a while because the next tenant did not want them and it looked like we would have to take them all down and possibly pay for the damage. Luckily, in the end the new tenant was promised new wallpapers and so the landlord took down all the mirrors for us.

They are standard mirrors and put together they quickly give real flashbacks of the 80's.

I still needed mirrors for the hallway though, and that's when I came up with this idea.

I went to the lumber yard, got some meters of rough planks. I cut them into pieces that were a bit longer than the mirror.

Then I put them on top each other like this (I was originally going to do it differently, but I made a mistake when measuring and so this was the only option)

I screwed them together, painted them with a matte white paint, and attached the mirrors using nails. 

  Then I just hung them up, and I have to say they are a lot better than if they had been put up with those black plastic things that usually comes with them. They give kind of a coastal look, I think. 

It would be possible to distress them a lot more, but I still have tons of these mirrors left so I suppose I will try it next time.

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PS. Do you have any idea how hard it is to get a good picture of a mirror? Sorry for the bad quality on these ones, I tried all kinds of lights and it simply did not work.


  1. those are darling. I love the thick wood frames. Very original!!

  2. Yes I do know- it's tricky! Very nice- and I bet they will be fun to decorate for the holidays.

  3. Ingenious! I love this type of rustic look. Well done, you!!

  4. Brilliant! I love the look!
    Great job!
    Cricket @ gypsea nurse

  5. That's an awesome mirror - great job!!!

    Hope you're having a great week & Happy "Good Life" Wednesday :O)


  6. Looks great! Lovely idea, thanks for stopping by Beach Cottage Good Life Wednesdays and sharing it.

  7. Love it! I am in the middle of a mirror project myself, so when I saw this link on TLC, I clicked on it as fast as my finger could click! I am curious, how did you use nails to attach the mirror to the plank frame?

  8. Anonymous - Thank you!
    Basically I drew the nails halfway through, then bent them upwards so that they kept the mirror in place. It works because we do not have any kids and people do not touch the mirrors, but I suppose there are safer ways. Come to think of it, the best idea might even be to use those black little things that are usually used to put up mirror walls... that also wouldnt risk hurting the wall the way the nails to.

    How you will post a link to you mirror project if you have a blog!

  9. Thanks for the response! I wonder if that would work with the mirror I have. Previous owners left behind a large -5' x3'- very heavy, frameless mirror. I was going to use liquid nails to glue my frame directly to the mirror. Not sure though. I'm trying to duplicate PB's (now discontinued) Markham mirror.

    Anyway, I don't have a blog... I spend far too much time reading others to create one of my own! Maybe someday. Thanks again :-)

  10. Liquid nails definitely sounds like a good plan then and there is also this company that manufactures frames for frameless mirrors. ;-) I can not remember the name, but you've probably seen it in some other blogs... I think Young House Love had a give-away only a couple of days ago (maybe even yesterday?)...


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