Thursday, May 26, 2011

I´ve got a drawer

First off, I really do not know if "drawer" is the right word for this. School and business English never thaught me the difference between a drawer, a box and a canister.

Either way... when we went shopping for the pieces to the fence-to-be-completed-some-day-when-we-have-no-more-excuses I found this one in one of the containers. (Don't worry, it was a container filled with wood stumps and left over wood, so nothing gross.) I scooped it up and asked if I could have it, which I could.

It has a little damage, and I suppose that's why they had thrown it away, but it doesn't really matter (and could be fixed quite easily). I think it's pretty and I plan to paint it and then put pots of herbes in it. The problem is that I just cant decide on the color.

I am thinking white, with some grey, French inspired, lettering... or aqua with a distressed white on top... or lavender with white lettering... or a pop color? I simply can't decide.

Any ideas?


  1. a huge tray would be fantastic. Love the colors you are thinking and the lettering. Maybe handles on the side ??

  2. Such a great idea to put potted herbs in it! I like the idea of painting it aqua with white? Something bright to go with the green of the herbs? Also love Tana's idea of putting some handles on the side!

  3. I'd call it a drawer too. I box usually has a lid, and a canister is more like a round cylinder. White with gray or aqua with white, either one would look pretty :-)
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. I agree I like the colors that you are thinking of painting it.Hope you will stop by and enter my eco friendly giveaway.


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