Sunday, May 1, 2011


A beachcottage was the first interiour/DIY blog I started reading (apart from Apartment Therapy) and today I though of Sarah and her pictures of "sparkles" in the waves because when I woke up, the lake was really sparkling in the sun shine. I am by no means as good photographer as Sarah is, but I took my camera down to the bridge and snapped some pictures.

The day started out really fine, but kind of windy and it wouldnt suprise me if we are in for some rain. In fact, it might even be good because the plants need more water and it's been dry for quite some time now.

I wanted to tell you about the bonfire that should have been lit for Walpurgis, but because of the wind, they were not allowed to set fire to it. It was kind of an anti-klimax, because the tradition is to have a big bonfire and listen to a speach and some songs about spring, but without the fire the whole thing kind of lost it's point.

So, instead tomorrow I will telll you about all the other things I've been up to this weekend. Below is a picture of the clothing I have been wearing most of  the time. Not really any fancy weekend wear, that's for sure.

 I hope you have had a good weekend!


  1. It's been windy here, too - a good drying day! The painting looks fun!

    Pomona x

  2. True indeed, as long as there is not too much stuff flying around and getting stuck in the paint.


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