Wednesday, April 13, 2011

More from the sunroom

Thank you for the comments on the sun room. It is still not entirely finished, I would like to put more things on the wall and at some stage we also have to isolate the floor so that the cold air can not get through.

Here are some pictures that show how it looked last summer (and I am afraid the weather is also quite typical summer weather).

I had a hard time getting those chairs, because I saw a full set with the "square" ones at IKEA one day, but didn't pick it up because I wasn't sure that's what I wanted. The next day I returned to the store, went to the dining area and find that they are gone. So, I ran to the "bargain corner" (I have no idea what they call that abroad or if it even exist in all countries, but basically that's where they put the things that have been out on display or discontinued). As I get there I see people taking the set right in front of my eyes, but I was able to snag two chairs. I hang around for a while and the guys that got the table eventually changed their mind so I got it from them.

So, I had a big table and two chairs. And the line was discontinued so there would be no more. I searched almost all IKEA warehouses within 200 km, but the only place they could be found was at IKEA headquarter which is quite far from us.

Instead, I found another, similiar line that they still had at one of the warehouses in Oslo where I work. So, after work one day I got there, and had a really hard time finding the chairs and all the while remembering that the site said that there would be only four of them left. I eventually asked a girl there, and she led me to them and must have thought I was crazy when I almost threw myself over them to prevent anybody else to snatch them up.

This year I saw that they still have them, but six chairs in total is enough for the table.

Below is some picture from Saturday when we had the first barbecue for this year. 

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