Thursday, April 28, 2011

Weekend is around the corner

Weekend is just around the corner. I know this week has barely started before it is over, but I still look forward to the weekend.

After all... there anything as nice as taking a nap in the sunshine...

...lingering in the sunroom...

...enjoying a nice glass of wine with some friends...

...while night falls...

...and watch the moon rise over the lake?

I think not!

Although, this weekend will not start on a happy note as my grandmother will be buried tomorrow. I have very mixed feelings about it, because she had a long and adventurous life and I think she was happy to let go, but I still miss her a lot. 

On Saturday some friends are coming over and we will celebrate Walpurgis eve with a bonfire, a choir and dinner. I will make a post about this tradition.

(The pictures in this posts are actually two weeks old by now, because it has finally begun to be green outside and the ice is gone from the lake.) 


  1. Just found your blog over at Miss Mustard Seed...and I see that you live in Sweden. My father's family came from Sweden to the US over a hundred years ago. Sweden is such a beautiful country, I hope to visit there someday. For now, I'll have to follow your blog ;) Have a great weekend. Kristen

  2. Thanks for stopping by.

    Yes, it is a beautiful country, but I often feel it's way too cold. ;-)


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