Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Duvet covers

I admit that this is kind of a strange topic, but I have a strange question.

As most of the interior/DIY blogs I follow are from the states, I have come across what I suspect is a cultural difference when it comes to bed linen. I know about the usual difference between a sheet + blanket that is popular in southern Europe or a duvet cover where you put the blanket/comforter inside the cover that is common in northern Europe, but I only recently realized that there seems to be a difference in how the latter is used.

Several blogs have discussed where to buy cheap duvet covers, and the main point is that most people seem to buy only one.

I have used several dictonaries to figure out if they mean something else, but it seems like it's the same thing as I mean.

And we have about twenty different ones.


I admit that it is a bit much, but I find it so nice to be able to change the style of the bed just by changing the linen. And sometimes I need at least three different ones so that I do not have to wash them straight away. I guess that if you have one you will have to remove it, wash it, dry it and put it back on on the same day. It sounds quite time consuming to me, but then maybe it's just because I am not used to it.

And anyway, my point is not to judge, only to point out what I find to be a fascinating cultural difference.

(And to show off the new ones I put on today. We got them as a christmas gift and they are not our usual style, but they fit quite well.)

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