Wednesday, April 20, 2011

IKEA-hack: Salt and pepper

I came across these two small glass jars at IKEA yesterday. They were on sale so I do not know what they are called, but they were about eight centimetres high. I decided that they could make good salt and pepper pots to use in the sun room. I needed new ones, because I constantly forget to bring out/back the ones from our kitchen table.

The project was very simple - I used a nail and the hammer to pinch holes in the lid. The holes came out pretty big, so one will have to be careful when using them or one will get very spicy or salty food, but becuase of the size I think people will understand that they need to be careful. 

One hole for pepper, six holes for salt.

I filled them up. Luckily we had a lot of pepper at home so I was able to fill both. 

They're a bit big, but I think they work great for outdoor dinners. They look big and sturdy enough.


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