Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Our sunroom

The sunroom that we added to the house is definitely the best project we have ever done. When we moved in, there was only a roof and even though it is facing south, it would often get cold in the evenings due to wind.

I still like to be able to have it as open as this, so I ordered doors all the way around. That means that we can push them all to one (well, three) sides if we want it to be open.

My father and Darling installed the doors together. I decided they were better left alone (and - if I'm not mistaken - I went to tackle the stair we were  building at the same time). 

For a long time the room looked like this, all wood with red stains and a plastic bag to cover up the whole on the side. Embarrasing, but true. I think the picture below was acctually taken on the very first day after we'd installed the doors.

Eventually, I had enough of it and decided to paint. White, of course.

 Halfway through. I was a bit lazy and decided not to tape off the crossbars and instead paint on the plastic in order to scrape it off later. Let me just say that I had a lot of time to regret that decision.

Last year we also bought new furniture for the space and it turned out amazing. I  will show you in one of the next posts.

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  1. What a wonderful addition - I'd love to have something similar on the back of our home. I'm stopping by from BC's Good Life Wednesday - great to connect with you :O)

  2. Nothing beats a great sun room. Even when it is not decorated it can still be enjoyed. Lovely idea.

  3. Love your sun room. Its coming along fabulously! Thanks for linking to and joining the party at Beach Cottage Good Life Wednesdays!


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