Thursday, April 14, 2011

Tearing down the plank

The family that lived in the house before us had two children and I think it was because they wanted to make it possible for the kids to play land hockey that they installed this patch of asphalt in the middle of the garden. The road leading to the house is made of gravel and having grown up under the same circumstances, I can definitely understand why they wanted some solid ground to play on.

At one side of this is a plank that is not very good looking. I wanted to take it down years ago, but Darling kept saying that he wanted it to play tennis against so it remained. Now, three years and maybe two tennis play times later, I decided that the plank had to go.

As you can see, it's not really adding to the view.

Getting it down wasn't hard, but we wanted to keep it as a deck to sit on, and flipping it and putting it in place took some muscles I didn't really have. But we managed!

I am still not sure how I will use the area. I will have to work with the rough asphalt and add some kind of greenery to it. At the moment we are considering having our wedding here (in tents of course) because that means we do not have to buy any flooring.

I had planned to build some kind of boxes out of wood, but then I found these "stones" (I do not know the english word of it) and decided to just put them on top of each other and fill it all with soil. It did turn out quite nice, and I am sorry for not having a picture of the finished result - I think it is in my other camera - but for the moment there are only a couple of spring flowers in there. As soon as it gets warmer, I hope to add some bigger flowers and create some height. We'll see if it works out.

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