Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy easter!

I have not seen this on many other blogs, so I am thinking that it might be a local tradition. In Sweden, it is common to pick or buy some birch branches and decorate them with colored feathers. After some time, the leaves will appear and on those years that spring is early in the season it is always such a joy to see those small green leaves.

I like to decorate a little bit for easter, but this year there was really no time. The weather has been so brilliant that I have spent all my time outdoors with various time consuming projects (I will show you soon) and I only put the easter decorations up yesterday.

There is also a tradition that the children dresses themselves as "easter witches" in old, colorful skirths, blouses, aprons and with red chins and freckles and then visit their neighbours to give a "easter letter" - a drawing - and in return get candies. As our house is right out in the country side and there are no kids around, I do not expect any visitors, but I am thinking that it is still a perfect excuse to buy some easter candy. 

I am off to enjoy yet another sunny day, and I wish you all a very happy easter.

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