Monday, February 28, 2011

An engagement gift

We are getting married this summer, and we got this lovely and very big linen cloth from my mother-in-law-to-be (now that's a long word). We already have a smaller one with the same pattern and I think the classic look of it makes it useful for everything. 

I have come to like linen better and better over the years. It can be used for so much, both in decoration and in clothing, and it only gets nicer the older and more worn it gets.
The only thing I fear is that I will be to careful with this one and only use it on special occassions. I don't think that is a good philosophy, because I think it is better to use things than save them for later, but it's hard with precious things. On the other hand - it really doesnt matter how fantastic it is if it will spend it's life stucked away in a cupboard.

But one thing is clear - it is so big that I will have to wait until we get a new dining table (which we desperately need). 

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