Sunday, February 27, 2011

A little space for sewing

This weekend I finally got around unpacking my little sewing machine. It was a birthday gift from my mum a couple of years ago and I am ashamed to say that it have been staying in the box it came in for way too long.

I eventually put it up in the guest room as I do not expect guests any time soon (and even so, it's not that hard to put it away), so that I do not have to take it away every time I finish.

I also unpacked all my fabric swatches, hoping that seeing them will give me inspiration and motivation to start sewing. I like buying fabric and I am usually way more motivated at the store than when I get home. 

The ones below are supposed to be curtains, but I no longer know where I want to put them, so maybe they'll just end up as something else. There are also several pieces that I mean to turn into throw pillows. I often buy old table cloths to turn into pillows, so there is quite a stack of it now.

Let's just hope I acctually get around to use this place.

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