Sunday, January 23, 2011

Painting the hallway

The hallway was the one room that remained unpainted for the longest time. The wallpapers might not have been my first choice, but they were not bad either and they went very well with the colors of the floor.

However, if you know me, you know that I like to paint things and it was indeed only a matter of time. I found a grey paint that I liked very much that I used to paint several furniture pieces and I was even more pleased when I learned that I could use the same paint (which was on sale!) and did not have to order a special mixed one.

This is what the hallway looked before (after the painting of the stair as described in the post below).

 The wallpaper. 

I thought that the paint would be more expensive than ordinary white one and in order to save time and paint I decided to cover all the feathers on the wallpaper with white paint and then paint everything white. In the end, the grey paint turned out to be cheaper than the white one and only required one layer, but at least I will know for next time. 

Halfway through. 

Finished! I realized I do not have any full picture of the finished look and it is too dark to take one now, so you will have to wait until tomorrow. I can only say that I was sooooo satisfied.

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