Monday, January 17, 2011

The kitchen

I promised to follow up on our kitchen re-do.

While I loved all the storage in our kitchen, I always wanted to have an open kitchen with a "bar" and so I had been thinking about tearing down part of the wall for a long time. I also wanted to make it easier for air and people to circulate  between the kitchen and the living room. To be honest, I would like to knock down a whole wall, but since Darling says no I will have to live with it until I can persuade him.

Maybe I should start by saying that me and my fiancĂ© have different views on DIY-work. Having grown up with parents that were constantly building or tearing down something have made me love it and I am always up for a trial-and-error or learn-as-you-go-project, while he just hates the mess it creates and rather have everything planned for the beginning or even  preferably contract someone else to do it.

Because of this I began the kitchen remodelling when he was not home. 

This is what it looked like before I took down the shelves.

The empty wall with the previous wall paper shining through.

I first wanted to find out if there was a pillar that was bearing the roof, and it seemed to be something there, so I decided to start somewhere else.

I drilled four holes and then used the saw to get a small hole before I took out as much as I could to see what the wall really looked like. 

Then I continued. And removed everything inside.

Finally - hours later - I came through and got a first glimpse of our living room.

Most of the wall is down, but unfortunately there was indeed a pillar that could not be removed (or, of course it could, but it would be such a bigger project that I decided to just keep it there) and also quite a lot of electricity that I was not allowed to change myself.

In retroperspective, I do not really recomend my method, because even though I really enjoyed sawing the stuff, I got the dust all over the place. Luckily I managed to clean most of it up before Darling got home, but next time I will use some other way.

Beginning of day two where we also removed part of the other wall to make it more open.

Notice how I am dressed in real working gear. Or not.

Waiting for the electrician. In fact, the kitchen remained like this for quite some time because it took a long time before the electrician arrived.

I will post pictures of the finished result tomorrow.

Of course, I didnt do it all by myself, I had my little helpers with me.

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