Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Details from the hallway

I know, I know, I should move on to another room, but I just want to show some of the details from the hallway too.

The mirrors have a special history and I am acctually a bit proud of them.

Some years ago we rented an apartment that we never moved into (because we found the house before we had moved) and in that apartment there was a lot of sectional mirror (mirror walls?) that the previouse renter had left because we said we wanted them. That almost turned into a problem when the next renter did not want them, but luckily the landlord promised her new wallpapers and so they had to take all the mirrors down. We asked to get them (and since we didnt even spend one night in that aparment they were the only value we got for two months rent, so they were bloody expensive!) and put some of them up, but the eighties callled and wanted their decoration back so when we redid the hallway we needed something different.

At the lumber yard we picked up some very simple planks that I cut and painted white and used as basic frames. I think they turned out quite nice, although at some point we will have to add a fullenght mirror in the hallway as well.

We also added this rope that we found in one of the storage rooms. Obviously the previous owners had planned to use it and then left it there for us. It fitted perfectly and due to my unknown talent of falling down stairs I am quite happy to have it there.

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