Tuesday, November 23, 2010


While IKEA is and will probably always be my number one supplier when it comes to  anything interior-related, I must admit that they have been a bit disappointing lettely. It seems to me that these last three-or-something years they have lost their own style and not found a new one.

I remember loving their catalogues and dreaming about the white, clean rooms they presented. It felt truly like a scandinavian style, and I loved it. These last years, the trend in general seems to have  changed towards darker colors and a more unstyled decor but I feel that IKEA has failed to capture it. The last catalogue looked like they had taken pictures of anybodys home, and it didnt give any of that inspiration rush it used to.

I can't really see why, because there are several quite big trends out there that would go so great with IKEA's white/light/scandinavian style. Trends such as shabby chic, french vintage and new england would be so easy to incorporate along with their existing products and would give the feeling of IKEA as a leader in design with a clear vision.

I feel like they just gave up on leading, instead trying to do with whatever they had. Or maybe that's just me.

Anyway, all that beeing said - I did find some nice stuff at IKEA last week. I love these napkins and they will be just as great for a summer brunch as for a christmas dinner. The only sad thing is that there was also a fabric with the same star pattern (big grey stars on white background) that was amazing. Oddly enough, this was a seasonal thing and sold out quicker than ever. (Another thing that makes me feel that IKEA has lost something - how can they order a fabric like that and not order lots of it?)

I also found these sweet little bowls. They look more chips-and-a-cold-beer-on-the-deck than christmas to me, but either way I am sure I will use it.

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